Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Maggiolino Modena Show 16 December

Last weekend we attended a little Christmas meeting in Modena, a nice city in Emilia.
It was organized by Club Volkswagen Italia
We parked the VWs in the main square, under the Dome.
This sepia pic is by my friend Marco from Bologna.

More pics by my friend Francesco from Prato.

This is the California license plate I bought from Ebay, period correct and on a nice frame from Huntington Beach.

The Dome of Modena, I guess...

Many Italian meetings are an excuse to eat and drink like pigs...
and we don't have to make many efforts to adapt!

Please don't give me a microphone after too much wine...!

I received a prize, but it's only to encourage me to restore this rusty bus!

We met this young guy, his name is Felix (Cartacio) and he is from S. Domingo but has been living in Bologna for 10 years. He seems able to build the turbo motor for my doka...

On the way back Marco took more pics like this from his green bug. Nice to drive through the city.

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