Friday, December 15, 2006

Grills installed and some ideas for the future...

Yesterday night I took a pair of pics after installing the headlight grills. My grandpa (he is 95!) created the missing piece from steel, he is an artist.

VW logo is somewhat subtle at night...

She's got the look!

Note the coloured hand-made carpet from Mali (Africa). I and Silvia bought it this summer from DJAMREK just to cover the seat.

She's got the look too...

Pic by Ed Fox (he's got a 'de-colored' doka and makes sexy models awesome portraits)

Some stuff found on The Samba

To IRS the rear I need something like this, from a Super Beetle

I used Photoshop to have an idea of what it would be like when lowered and 'Steinered'
This is really insipiring for me... You know I'm on the kustom side...
The color is great. A Candy Apple Red. But there's time for paint.

This is a model from Jada Toys

Another pic of Der Steiner Rad. I simply love it!

This pics helps to understand what I'm willing to have underneath...

Peter from belgium said can create one 100% new for me. Narrowed 10 cm, adjustable and ready for airbags.

Again photoshopped with Flat 4 Sprint Stars

Another idea is to fit a turbo motor next year. There are some ready to fit. But I have time since I want to begin with lowering and brakes first.

Nice little 'ratty' 1/24 doka from Jada Toys. Soon for sale

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