Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mostra Scambio Auto e Moto d'Epoca - Padova (part 1 - Porsche 356)

I just got back home from the annual oldtimer swap meet in Padova.
It was stuffed by desirable cars and bikes, and I was impressed by the number of Porsches in there, more than one hundred! And most of those cars were for sale! Just to get an idea, here are some shots taken to the 356s I could meet up there: original, replica, A, B, C, Speedster, Cabrio, Carrera, etc etc Porsches for every taste!
Also the VW family was well represented. In the next post you'll find pics of the 911s, VWs and accessories for sale.

Thursday, October 23, 2008



Type 11 (Beetle) 1.2 1983 (Mexico) Aubergine

Type 4 Serie GB (Porsche 914)
Built by/Costruito da: Wilke Motorenbau Gmbh (Köln, Germany)
Stroke capacity/Cilindrata: 1971cc
Horsepower/Potenza: ca. 120 hp/cv (88kw) at 5800 rpm/giri
Crankshaft/Albero motore: 71 mm
Pistons/Pistoni: 94 mm
Camshaft/Albero a camme: 312°
In valve/valvole ingresso: 41 mm ø
Out valve/valvole uscita: 34 mm ø
Compression/rapporto di compressione: 1:9
Distributor/Spinterogeno: 050 Bosch
Ignition/Accensione: Pertronix electronic ignition/accensione elettronica
Coil/Bobina: Pertronix Flamethrower
Carburetors/Carburatori: double/doppi 40 Weber IDF + Klaus central filter/filtro centrale (or/o K&N sportfilter/filtri sportivi)
Oil cooler/radiatore olio: Mercedes mounted on the front beam/montato su avantreno
Oil pump/pompa olio: full flow/forzata
Fuel pump/pompa benzina: Pierburg
Exhaust system/scarico: BAS/Ahnendorp 4 in 1 with dual muffler/due silenziatori
Fan/Ventola: Porsche-style cooling/raffreddamento

Front axle/assale anteriore: CB Performance ball joint 2" narrowed and adjustable / ristretto 5 cm ca. e regolabile
Spindles/perni fusi: CB Performance 2,5" dropped / ribassati (6 cm ca.)
Rear axle/asse posteriore: swing axle, 1 spline turn / ruotato di una tacca
Shock absorbers/Ammortizzatori: Kyb GR-2 gas
Brakes/Freni: CSP front discs - back drums with Chevy pattern (5 x 4.75") / dischi ant. e tamburi post. CSP con attacco Chevrolet
Rims/Cerchi: Boyd Coddington 7 x 18" backspace 5.25 + 8.5 x 20" backspace 4.0
Tyres/Gomme: Toyo Proxes T1-R 205/35 ZR18 + 235/30 ZR20

Colour/vernice: House Of Kolor, Glamour Metallic ‘Solar Gold’ by Amedei Bros (Firenze, Italy)

Roof/Tetto: Top Chop 10 cm / tetto ribassato by Udo Schol Käferwerkstatt (March-Buchheim, Germany)
Sunroof/Tetto apribile: after-market Hollandia

Fenders /Parafanghi: Dannert fiberglass +12,5 cm back, +4 cm front widened / allargati
Hoods/Cofani: pre '67 / del modello 6 volts
Chrome trims/Modanature: removed/rimosse
Sidestep/Pedana: polished aluminium / alluminio lucidato
External Mirrors/Specchietti: OMP Style for Harley Davidson chrome / cromati
Bumpers/Paraurti: removed / rimossi
Headlights/fari: US Style with ‘angel-eyes’ and chrome indicator bulbs
Rear lights/luci posteriori: pre '67 US Style red / rosse

Dashboard/Cruscotto: plastic removed - holes filled / plastica rimossa, fori chiusi
Autometer Silver 'Ultra-Lite' Series (tacho, speedo in km/h, fuel level, voltmeter, oil pressure). VDO oil temperature gauge
Steering wheel/Volante: Budnik Split-Grip 'Crossfire' 15" ø polished aluminium and white leather grip, dedicated horn push /alluminio lucidato + pelle bianca + clacson dedicato
Gear shift lever/Leva del cambio: Scat 'Drag Fast' Shifter
Seats/Sedili: four Porsche 911 seats (back ones are shortened 8 cm to fit) / 4 Porsche, posteriori con seduta accorciata
Upholstery/Rivestimenti: sky ultra white by Tappezzeria Essebi (Pontedera – Italy)
Carpet/Moquette: black / nera
Headlining/Cielo: custom cutted (roof is longer and wider) in ultra white sky / su misura
Door handles/Maniglie portiera: Empi chromed / cromate

Cost of construction and rebuilding/modification/costo per la realizzazione: over 40.000 euros / oltre 40mila euro
Durations of construction/durata dei lavori: 3 years / 3 anni

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Engine bay revamp and new clutch

Because of tired clutch and massive oil leaks, I decided it was time for some work...
So engine down and doka out on stands:

I hand sanded all engine metal... lot of rust!
Can you smell it?
I bought a LUK clutch kit from Dei Kafer Service
Original distributor up again with new wires:
Here is the final look after some hours. I also decided to put an EMPI pulley because the previous caused wrong advance readings. I mantained the Bosch blue coil and painted the exhaust white. I needed a new inlet manifold and some work inside the 30 Solex carburetor.

Since the engine was down, it was time to get rid of some rust inside the engine bay...

After a lot of hand sandblasting and a coat of antirust:

Then a coat of Light Grey paint:

Looks better uh?

Time for the engine to go up again, after some testing sessions
It all works! Great.

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