Thursday, February 25, 2010

The 'Lowla' is ready for the TUV test!

The car is ready for the TUV test.

A horn has been installed, fuel lines have been fixed, oil leak from rear axles has been fixed, a tow hitch has been installed together with the necessary light switches and cables (including the emergency turn lights).

A temporary 1600 engine with dual carbs is on.

Temporary 17" Porsche Boxster wheels are on, in order to register 185/35 and 195/45 tires.

Rear, with 17x7" ET55 wheels and 25mm spacers.
The 195/45 tires are a tight fit!

Amber turn signals have been mounted on the rear for the test, soon to be replaced again with the OG all-red US lights.

The car seems a German-Looker now, but this is only for the documents...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

KG rubber floor mats

I found on eBay a pair of original rubber floor mats, perfect for my lowlight Ghia.

Pro: very low price
Cons: These cover only the right side of the car

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Karmann Ghia Project - Step 1

The lowlight is still in Germany in order to get a TÜV test and German documents/number plates. To be able to get the papers with all the things I want, the car is needing some work.

1) mount a 1600 engine with 40 dual IDFs (replaced by a 2110 with 48 carbs within summer). so fuel lines are to be adapted, a fuel reserve lever has to be added for the TÜV (since early lowlights don't have a fuel gauge). heating has to be running (cable and heat exchangers are again needed).

2) repair an oil leak from rear hubs (new brake pads and gaskets needed).

3) remove CB Performance sign from the spindles.

4) mount 17" wheels and tires to have them on the papers

5) mount a hitch (need to modify a Beetle one) and put the cables/relais/connector to run the lights on the trailer. I need to mount this now because I cannot put it on the papers when in Italy.

6) pass the test, have the log-book and hopefully the customized number plates.