Saturday, January 12, 2008

6v bulbs for the Eriba + Bosch dizzy arrived

Here are the 6v bulbs for the Eriba Puck. This is because it has to be towed by the doka, still with 6 volts electrics.
Internal lights of the caravan can be run by a 12v battery mounted under the seat.

And the 010 Bosch distributor arrived from the States! It took more than 45 days to arrive.


Original cap:


Inside it looks all OK. Rotor and points are not original, but I don't care:

This week I availed myself of the season sales to went back in time, buying this cheap BMX at the shopping center near my new house in Milan. It remembers me of the good old early 80s, when I used to own (and modify) a similar bike. This is not same quality, but who cares? It has to be functional.
I needed something light and fast, to easily reach the subway station and to be kept in the living room.

Ehi guys 13000 visits! thanks...

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