Thursday, December 6, 2007

VW Space Up! Blue Concept (Bologna Motor Show)

Sorry if I talk about modern vehicles today, but -you know- VW is in my heart, so...
FORZA VOLKSWAGEN!!! Hurry up with the Space Up! Blue Concept
Today I was at the Bologna Motor Show, and I had a close look to this nice version of the concept model.

This was the draw:

And this is the result. With those little windows on the roof it reminds me of the mitical Samba Bus:

It features also a bigger than usual front logo, and round external mirrors... like in the good old times!And THE ENGINE IS IN THE BACK!

Look a those doors! No pillars in the middle.Thin seats for more space. Open space.

Simple and minimal dashboard. Effective.

Rear view. I have to train my eye to this, actually.Perhaps in 2010 we will go on the beach like this?

Watch a video of the presentation in L.A. Auto Show

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