Thursday, August 24, 2006

To Swansea and back...

I found an agreement with FBI VW and so I and Silvia booked the ferry
Dunkerque - Dover - Dunkerque and organized the trip/vacation to take the doka home
We slept in youth hostels, campings and cheap hotels.
We left from Italy on 13 August with a Seat Altea and an empty trailer...

First stop: STRASBOURG, reached for dinner and visited on the 14th.
Nice one!

On the same day in the afternoon we left for Luxembourg.
We arrived at night. We finally found a place to sleep and on 15 we visited the city.

good for Japanese turists...

After half day we had enough and we pointed to Bruxelles
We slept in a nice Youth Hostel. Beautiful historical views, nice places to visit but also modern buildings

Completely destroyed after one day (16 August) walking around...
We should have had more time to really enjoy Bruxelles.
We will come again one day, promised!

On the car again. Reached Dunkerque at 8 pm.
Slept in a not so beautiful cheap Hotel, then we woke up very early to take the ferry to Dover.

Unexpected luxury interiors!

Playstation Area...!
Here it is! Dover and its typical white cliffs.
Brief stop at Canterbury...

Then straight west to Swansea, on the other part!
We dined on the beach at the sunset (long sunsets here!)
The atmosphere was so strange, almost spectral that we feeled a little anxious and depressed..

My sister told me this is not a beach, it is a 'tidal plain'...

We spent all night searching FBI VW, where I had an appointment with Mr. Clarke the day after, but we couldn't find anything in that darkness!
The day after we reached the only place that seemed possible for a company like that. And we found it!
Finally I saw my 'new' split crew cab.
We checked all things...

Then we had a cooffee with Graham in his beautiful business. Clean and well organized.
Many many pieces to get your bus alive again!

We put the doka on the trailer and we left Swansea (with a sense of relief)
Then we visited Stonehenge, Salisbury and Bath.
We reached Portsmouth on the south coast in time for the Beach Buggin', a nice VW meeting (20 August)
On 21 August we had time to have a look at the Brighton Pier and enjoy some sun (the only sun we met during this trip)...
Then we slept in a beautiful camping on the street to Dover. We met a very nice family with a Type 25, then we reached the ferry back on 22 August.

We reached Bruges on 23 August. We liked it very much!
I had to leave my doka parked on the street. But everything ended OK.

Many stores with design pieces, clothing and also things for the vw enthusiast

A city full of enchanting corners, buildings, people
Romantic view of Bruges by night. Highly recommended!

I want one of these! In Belgium it is full of these little beauties.

We visited Antwerpen on 24 August, where I could take a pic to this in a store

Then we pointed directly to Spa, where Le Bug Show was to begin...

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